The Magonistas in Southern California


Linocut by Alvaro Marquez (2013)

There is quite a bit of history of overlooked history when it comes to the presence of Mexican Anarchist-Communists around the the time of the Mexican Revolution. We have rounded up some links to further reading about this history for those interested.

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On the 25th of June in 1912, after members of the Mexican Anarchist-Communist organization, Partido Liberal Mexicano, were convicted of violating Neutrality Laws, Lucía [Norman] led the protesters through the streets of Los Angeles chanting ‘Libertad y Tierra’ (‘Land and Liberty’). The police eventually called the occurrence a riot – which according to the Los Angeles Examiner was ‘one of the wildest riots witnessed on the streets of Los Angeles’ as ‘many of the women during the riot wielded hat pins with painful effect.’ As the men in the PLM came under more & more American repression she & other women took a stronger & stronger position within this anarchist organization. –– L.A. ONDA (2016)

Members of the Partido Liberal Mexicano and supporters of Regeneración in Edendale, Los Angeles, 1914. Courtesy of La Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote, Photographic Collection.

The location of the Magonista commune was at what is now Silver Lake, then known as Edendale, was at 2325 Ivanhoe Ave Los Angeles.

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