Agitations at the Chilean Ports

The following is a dispatch from Chilean comrades, Comunidad de Lucha. A text which is definitely is intended to reach the port workers at Valparaíso and around Chile, but which we felt could be of use for those of outside of the heated struggle in that country as circulation struggles keep spreading around the world.

Port workers at Valparaíso [Chile] have been on strike for over a month, in direct conflict with the TPS company1 over demands pertaining to work shifts, job security and wage increases. Faced with the TPS’s refusal to respond to any demands, the means of struggle have radicalized and state repression has also become increasingly harsh, leading to the violent eviction of the city’s stevedores union.

“The proletariat of Brazil was defeated by democracy, not dictatorship.”

The following is analysis from a Chilean comrade. While we don’t agree with the final statements, we feel the analysis in this is rather illuminating for this moment. After our English translation follows the original Spanish.

The far-right has never ascended to political power to then destroy the working-class and halt its revolution. Each time the far-right has come to power it is because the working-class has already been destroyed. By whom? By democracy. By progressivism. By the Left.

Neither tourism or sunblock: a few reflections on what longed-for vacations hide


Originally published in Spanish by Comunidad de Lucha (Chile) on Febr. 2nd 2018. The original text can be found here. It says in a clear and propagandistic way what Gilles Dauvé said in an long essay we recently translated here.

Vacations make up the most anticipated moments of the year for most of us who work to get-by in this society. It’s the time when we cast off the burden of work and its stressful competitiveness so that we may dive into our own interests, and to finally feel free to do what we want.

Against Non-Life

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[From Chile. Originally published at El Radical Libre, written by the ‘Anarquía y comunismo‘ bulletin. Originally published in Spanish, translated into English by us.]

Today the desire to cast off our current way of life is taken as common sense. Whether it’s the life of others we desire to take on or a completely different way of life; striking a commodified humanity is the passive acceptance of the existent which clashes with generalized dissatisfaction.