Art & Capitalism

Here are the texts we’ve compiled on Art & Capitalism. More will be added over time. Note, we are anti-state communists & heavily-critical of the Art world and these texts will reflect that. Most but not all these texts were written by Latinx writers. The focus here is on Los Angeles.


Written by local Chicano anarchist / communist writer, El Chavo!, shortly after the L.A. Riots of 1992. “The Poverty of Chicano Artists.”


Written by a Los Angeles-based anon writer, Asmodeus, “About Hating Art.” Looks at the role that Art takes in the broader world but with an emphasis on Los Angeles with some analysis on the anti-art gallery / anti-gentrification actions in Boyle Heights the last couple of years.


Also written by Asomodeus, a look at how the Broad Museum is a cover for capitalist class antagonisms. “The Broad: Class Hatred, Concentrated.”


Written by local Chicano anarchist / communist writer, Noche, on how ‘rasquache’ as a free-form aesthetic can be applied to radical anti-capitalist anti-politics. “The Rasquache Way.



Written by another local Chicano anarchist / communist on the anti-gentrification / anti-art gallery struggle and its implications for the present-day communist horizon (Spring 2018). “When Communists Speak on Gentrification.


Written by Magally Miranda, a local communist writer & organizer and Kyle Lane-McKinley on the concept Artwashing which was often brought up when talking about Art, capitalism & gentrification (Feb. 2017) “Artwashing, or Between Social Practice and Social Reproduction.”


A short polemic by now-defunct Los Angeles-based anarchist / communist collective, L.A. ONDA, written against a now-gone art-gallery in Boyle Heights, PSSST.


A good general resource on a variety of texts written about art, gentrification and capitalism that focuses on Boyle Heights can be found here:

[image is of from action against the PSSST Gallery in Boyle Heights in 2016]