Report from the proletarian revolt in Santiago

This text was published Oct. 19 on the website of Agitición Inmanente, an ultra-left project from so-called Chile. What follows is our translation.

Yesterday’s events, on Oct. 18th, opened up a Pandora’s Box of proletarian insurrection in Chile. From here on out it’s impossible to know what will take place. The proletariat is in the streets and neither the military ,or the cops can stop its decentralized and anarchic emergence. There are barricades and casserole-protests in all parts of the city. The fare hike has shown itself to be the tip of the iceberg, but really every knew deep down that this was all a time bomb. The unbearable precaritization of life, a drought which only grows worse, the cost of living reaching insulting levels, so that 80% of the population lives in debt and pensions have shown themselves to be a historical fraud. Undoubtedly the insurrection in Ecuador was a trigger for the great amounts of angry people who identified with our siblings to the north. There are more than enough motives.


In the streets you can breathe the rage, indignation, anti-political fury along with solidarity, bedlam and the ecstasy of being in struggle, shoulder to shoulder, against those who oppress us. So many microbusses have been burned, the ENEL corporate headquarters lite aflame (multinational private company in the electrical sector), 7 metro stations left calcified by fire, multiple instances of looting of supermarkets and businesses and a monument to the cops and their flag was set aflame. The city raged in all corners.


Today it’s Oct. 19th and there is no signs of stopping. Piñera [Chile’s president] quickly spent military live rounds and in the streets people have begun to gather and cut off the avenues, the cacerolazos begin at noon and quickly transformed into street protest. The common opinion is one of fear and of anger at the military presence, which immediately recalls the dictatorship [of Pinochet]. But the mood is stronger than ever, in the air you breathe the struggle: these days will make history.

From the streets of Santiago, with our hearts in our hands and the passion of watching the old world burn, we make an international call for solidarity and the expansion of revolt. We know that this is just the beginning of something beautiful but not painless, just as like life itself is.

Hic rhodus hic Salta!

Below are pamphlets we distributed on the streets on Oct. 18th & 19th.

[Our English translation follows each image]

The pamphlet from Oct. 19th (front & back):


Democracy is the Dictatorship of Capitalism!

Repeal the State of Emergency! Out with the military & police on the streets!


The massive revolt on Oct. 19th was only against the fair hike, it was also a rebellion against the total injustice which governs our lives: to pay to live and live to pay. If we rebel it is because we don’t want to be slaves to money, wage-labor and Capital. We are human beings, not commodities! We call all the exploited to self-organize and rebel against the State of Emergency.

Yesterday we had a grand victory, let’s show our strength in the streets. Now we’re coming for now.

May the proletarian struggle impose free public transportation!
For communism & anarchy!




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