The Coming crisis, breath & yellow vests: where are we going? [With response from R.S. of Théorie Communiste]

Originally published in French on on Jan. 11th 2019. Translated by our collaborator in French, Otto Mattik and edited by us at Ediciones Inéditos. It is a glimpse at the looming capitalist crisis to come and how the writer in France figures the Yellow Vests movement within it and what antagonistic developments the movement can bring. What follows is the translation.

The Coming Crisis


Revolution: program or communization?

Originally published in French by Agitations on Jan. 6th 2019, this is an introduction to communization theory. What follows is our translation and suggested further reading at the end.

According to communization theory, born in the 1970s, the worker’s movement first knew how to positively affirm itself, but then little by little began to decompose during the 1960s, and that this whole cycle of struggle was known as “programmatism.1A term used to describe when the broader Left put forth political programs as part of their strategy where a definitive pathway to socialism would be listed.

Sudan, Revolution til the End

Thaoura hata alnassr

ثورة حتي النصر‫

The following is an international French-language report-back published by Lundi Matin on January 3rd, 2019. What follows is our translation.

Two years ago we published an interview with a Sudanese exilé who took part in the insurrectionary movements in the Sudan between 2013 and 2016. Ever since repression has not stopped and many Sudanese have chosen exile, notably in Europe via Libya and the Mediterranean sea. These days, the movement demanding the fall of the regime has taken off once again across all the cities in the country.