The Ditch Party – #FBF

by Noche

So like back in 2016 I wrote a text about anti-work and Chicanxs/Mexicans and I’d like to share this excerpt since talking about 90s ditch parties is now in vogue though they are often spoken of apolitically. Here I attempted to bring it into the realm of antiwork, or maybe it could even be thought of as a kind of refusal to grow-up to just sell their labor-power and a racialized discounted price. Trying to get the fuck out of this world & have a good time, instead of trying to save it.

  • [For the uninitiated: 90s ditch parties were self-organized parties put on by truant youth in L.A. (mostly Latinx/Chicanx kids), where party crews reigned and were largely antagonistic with the police/adults.]


Or we’ve been resisting this whole time

Thinking back to the 90s when the ditch party was both an escape from the terrible LAUSD as well as a form of resistance to the most alienating of compulsory schooling: in many ways these teens that would not show up to school and party instead contained much more awareness of the society around them then the kids that would instead get ‘straight As’ and then study Chicano/a Studies. These kids implicitly understood the pipeline that the LAUSD was to low-paying, entry-level service work where they would have to do much more rule-following, guideline-abiding, button-pushing, uniform-wearing than critical thinking. It was as though they were able to envision the no future we currently find ourselves in.”

“See This was a different time. An era that made us who we are and defined us as Mexican Americans. It was a time Mexican Americans were identifying themselves through a rebellion sub-culture that evolved as a direct consequence of a corrupt school district that exploited minority students. If you don’t believe me see it for yourself.”

  • NELA TV Why 90’s Ditching Parties Were The Shit!

Original Los Angeles newsreport on ditch parties.

And here we share a vital backyard/ditch party freestyle classic. Happy Friday!

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