inéditas is fucking dead

This project is fucking dead.

We want to thank all the people that have supported this project & its aims. Our desire was to be a critical presence within the ultra-left milieu that spoke also of the intersections of race, nationalism & colonialism and sought to connect with our comrades around the world via translation & correspondence.

We’re not disappearing.

Other projects will likely rise-up from the end of this one, but this project grew to be too difficult to manage (and you know how we feel about management). This project started very small and had no intention of reaching its present scale. In line with ultra-left thought, we know that organizations, projects, etc. come and go, and that such a cycle is necessary, but that class struggle itself does not end until all are free. We can only hope we’ve helped further the joint projects of communism & anarchy while this thing kicked & screamed.

For further inquiries you can still send us an email at the address below.

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Un abrazo,

ediciones inéditas

9th Evade Chile Communiqué: They want to give us lectures on violence!

The following was sent to us earlier today (11/13) by Evade Chile 2019. What follow is a translation of their message, followed by a translation of their communiqué.


Faced with these adversarial moments, only solidarity & mutual aid could give us encouragement.




1This phrase renders better in Spanish with the closeness of the pronunciation of “sequía” (drought) & of “saqueo” (looting)




2Here the comrades switch the b in pueblo with a v, continuing the allusion above of a drought with the closeness of the word puevlo (people)with the Spanish word for dust, polvo.


“Divide and conquer” was the advice a police officer gave to the rich some 500 years ago and they’ve never forgotten it. The satraps3A satrap; a governor of a province, a viceroy among the Persians. in turn find themselves everywhere overwhelmed. Today they can only resort to terrorism, staging of false scenes and manipulation by way of their usual conduits: their armed forces, their means of (in)communication and their political theater.

They want to lecture us about violence! They say that “violence breeds violence” and they are not wrong. 5 minutes of life can feel eternal when you live in misery. But we have woken up. And in response to our outbreak of life, power then sets up another spectacle: whether by evicting encampments [of the houseless]; building ghettos where they keep us prisoners; seizing control of territories of those who stand up to fight against self-destructive inertia. It is those who cling to this barbaric civilization whom, systematically & an in organized fashion, set fire & destroy to defend their poisoned piece of the pie.

They want to lecture us about citizenship! They affirm: “Today’s easy choice is to use force and that the difficult one is to bet on Peace and dialogue. But of what peace do they speak of? We lived drunk with the frustrating rage of a war of all against all: fighting for a job or trying to make ends meet; struggling to breathe amid clouds of dust & acid in the cities; struggling to get a bit of water in the fields. It was not peace, it was silence: the good citizen eats and remains quiet. We would die the way we were living. And now that we deign raise our heads and wake up they aim for our eyes!

They want to divide us! They are scandalized because their monuments to violence are falling down: busts of genocidal soldiers; torture enclosures; cathedrals to a Macho God and the God of Money; palaces that the rich build to numb us with an endless supply of commodities. They exploit us and then sell the products of our labor. But despite all the their influence, street lights and bread & circuses with which they want to adorn it tall, the world has not ceased to be a great salt mine of which most of us are servants.

They plundered the forests, the rivers, the lakes and the ocean with their logging, salmon farms and agribusiness. They polluted the desert and converted into a dump for the mining industry. They transformed cities into gas chambers and cancer factories. They exterminated ancestral cultures. They disappeared, killed and terrorized any villager who dared to question them and accuse them of abuses. But we are not afraid of them or their destruction. We have built everything that belongs to them and we will rebuild it in our own way, according to our needs, desires and in harmony with Mother Earth, which sustains us. After the fire we will sprout like a native forest.

It does not matter how much lead they fire upon us. Detached from the pain of everyday misery, our stagnant energy is poured into pure creativity and celebration. Although there is no guarantee of a final victory over the dictatorship of money, this rupture has already been pleasure. There is not return to the “peaceful existence” of the reigning lies.

Original Spanish-language .PDFS: PSA_i

Original Spanish-language .PNGS:

8th Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: Resistance is Life!

The following was sent to us a few hours ago today (11/11) by Evade Chile 2019. What follow is a translation of their message, followed by a translation of their communiqué.


The State is attacking with all its political, military and media weapons to make us submit and forcefully remind us of its only message: that we have no right to more than its crumbs.

We see comrades falling everywhere, but there are millions of us rising up and carrying in our hearts a new world.

Up with those who struggle!

7th Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: Today everything is possible!

The following is the 7th communiqué we’ve received from Evade Chile 2019. And it is probably our favorite so far. What follows is our translation.


Osorno [Chile] / 2.15AM / Saturday, Nov. 2nd

Today torrents of information are no longer about what is not happening, about what I don’t have, about what I can’t do, nor buy, nor aspire to because I don’t have money. Today the torrent of images which flash on my smartphone screen are about what is happening all around me; above all what we are suffering; above all about those who struggle; above all about what is happening to me; about what pains me and the anguish of the world I live in; about the misery of normality; and above all also about everything that which here and now could be if we keep alive this enthusiasm. At last images have meaning: it’s all about life itself; about my life and those of everyone showing that at last we have the opportunity to take it back. Today everything is possible.”

#EstoNoHaTerminado #ThisIsNotOverYet

Jump the turnstile of non-life!

The following is a piece by Comunidad de Lucha, an ultra-left project out of Chile. Written & published last year (March 3rd, 2018). A timely & prescient look into the mass fare evasion which set off a generalized wave of proletarian revolt across Chile.

Anyone who has suffered from overcrowded & the tortuous wait of [pubic transportation] during “rush hour” knows well the inhuman nature of the transportation system. Indeed this system has not been created to suit our needs, nor has it been made for the comfort or pleasure of those who travel on the buses or metro rails. Quite on the contrary, it has been designed with the same egotistical and calculating rationality as that of a businessman shopping for trucks to transport animals to the slaughterhouse: the well-being of people does not matter, what matters is the well-being of business.

5th Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: If everything doesn’t change, nothing ever will.

The fifth communiqué by Evade Chile 2019. Received yesterday (Nov. 1st). This is actually a letter they received from Belgium, hence the change of rhetoric & style (which we actually don’t agree with very much: too much humanism, moralism and a lack of class analysis). What follows is its translation.

4th Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: The Experts Shall Not Pass!

The following is the fourth communiqué sent to us by Evade Chile 2019. We received it yesterday and here is our translation. More fiery words, for fiery times! Hacia la vida vamos!





3rd Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: From the battle front, we still stand!

A third communiqué from Chile sent to us by comrades there, late on Oct. 30th, 2019. We reproduce these texts so that their content can inspire us in places either in revolt, or still on the cusp of it. The original Spanish-language .pdf & .pngs follow. The initial text before the line break was included in the email which is not included on the original .pdf or .pngs. The following is our translation.

2nd Evade Chile 2019 Communiqué: This Will Not Stop

Another communiqué from Chile sent to us by comrades there on Oct. 30th, 2019. The original Spanish-language .pdf & .pngs follow.

We’ve heard it repeated like a mantra: “We have to return to normality.” But their damn normality is the normality of a slow death. When the State is incarcerating us or shooting at us; regulating the way the rich poison the valleys, dry the rivers, destroy the seabed, clear-cut the forests, torture animals, etc. The system of exploitation which we rise up against also exploits the natural world!